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Learn All About the Latest Fashion in Turquoise:
"Boulder" or "Ribbon" Turquoise

Ribbon or Boulder Turquoise, whichever you choose to call it, has become one of the hottest styles or looks in natural Turquoise in the past decade.

Ribbon Turquoise is actually fine veins of Turquoise that have formed in small cracks of the host rock where the sedimentary minerals have conglomerated. In other words, rain, snow and atmospheric moisture washed heavy metals such as, copper, iron, aluminum sulfites and other trace mineral concentrates into voids below the surface of the earth. As millions of years go by these minerals evolve into what we now know as Boulder or Ribbon Turquoise.

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Blue Royston Boulder Turquoise
Green Pilot Mountain Boulder or Ribbon Turquoise

What makes Ribbon Turquoise

The color of the Turquoise differs due to the proportions of the particular mineral content. Copper produces blue hues, Iron with copper produces green hues, iron also produces rust or red hues that is found in the surrounding host rock as well as in the matrix of the Turquoise. The host rock, (rock surrounding the Turquoise,) differs from region to region. It can run from a sandstone - blondes, ryolite - gold tones to black churts and manganese. These different combos make for different looks in Boulder Turquoise stones.

Ribbon Turquoise is found in most Turquoise deposits, worldwide. In the past it was disregarded as it was so hard to cut out of the host rock that it was not profitable. Today, the public likes natural gemstones and formations which make this formation of Turquoise very popular.

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Boulder or Ribbon Turquoise jewelry

Boulder or Ribbon Turquoise Jewerly

Pilot Mountain Ribbon Turquoise Earrings

Turquoise Jewerly made with Ribbon Turquoise is very unique and deffinately one of a kind. No two pieces of Ribbon Turquoise are the same, therefore, no two pieces of Turquoise Jewelry made with Ribbon Turquoise are alike as well. Boulder Turquoise Rings, Pendants, Bracelets, Necklaces and Ribbon Turquoise Earrings can be purchased easily these days, however, as trends change it may become hard to find in the future. Ribbon Turquoise Jewelry is truely unique and beautiful - if you like it, 2010 is the year to buy it as it is in vogue now!

As Turquoise Miners ourselves, we really love Boulder Turquoise because it is the closest thing a retail customer will ever see to how the Natural Turquoise looks in the mine. Ribbon or Boulder Turquoise after all, just cabochons or Turquoise beads that are cut with the vien in its natural state in the rock, instead of cutting all the host rock off to obtain a solid Turquoise stone. When you are look at Boulder Turquoise jewelry you are seeing the Turquoise vein as it would lay in the mine, only polished. It is a great thing for the jewelry buyer to see to show educate them as to how Turquoise is mined, and that it does not all come out of the ground in nuggets. Hopefully while browsing this site you will get a good picture of what vein Turquoise looks like in nature and why it makes such beautiful Ribbon Turquoise jewelry.

A lot of the Ribbon or Boulder Turquoise comes from the Pilot Mountain Turquoise and Royston Turquoise mines in Nevada. These were the original mines to produce Boulder or Ribbon Turquoise in the history of Turquoise.

Story by: The Hartman's of Durango, Colorado USA

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